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About the Competition

Deadline for entries is March 2017

Students must watch the Show Racism the Red Card DVD prior to production of work. Contact us for the DVD Education pack. After watching the DVD, participants are asked to produce written, visual or audio-visual entries on the themes of the DVD.

We are looking for young people to use their creativity to produce a written, visual or audiovisual message on themes arising from the Show Racism the Red Card DVD.

While we can accept multiple entries, we would ask that you make a selection to submit.

Useful resources:

Terms & Conditions

Submit entries only after you have been registered to participate. Only submit by email. Entries by post will not be returned. Entries can be in the written, visual and audiovisual form. To facilitate our judging panel, written work should be no longer than 750 words. It can be in the form of a poem, essay, letter or article, while visual entries can be in the form of paintings, sculptures and photographs. Entries can also be in the form of music or film and should not be longer than 5 minutes. Entries must have some relevance to the themes of Show Racism the Red Card DVD such as racism and diversity. Pictures from events relating to the competition may be used for publicity purposes.

Anti-Racism and the curriculum.

The Show Racism the Red Card education pack can be a useful aid in a range of subjects of the school curriculum. It may be used to teach aspects of history, geography, religion and other subjects. It is particularly useful in the following areas of primary and second level education.

Primary level :

The pack can be used in the Developing Citizenship, Media Studies and Myself and the Wider World Strand Units of SPHE at primary level. There are downloadable activities from the website which used in conjunction with the DVD will serve to enhance understanding around issues such as bullying. The education pack contains great ideas for you promoting school integration. These ideas are based on what schools have already put into practice.

Second level :

The education pack can be used for promoting understanding of Belonging & Integration unit of the SPHE curriculum. It also can be used to promoting understanding of Rights & Responsibilities module of CSPE. The pack serves to support the active learning process of both subjects. There are also action project ideas in the pack which could be implemented as part of the student's work.

School Anti- Bullying programmes :

The education pack is useful in conveying understanding around the issue of recognising and responding to bullying. Activities 5,6 of the education pack used in conjunction with the DVD can serve to promote recognition of how to respond to bullying. They serve to show that everyone has a responsibility in responding to racism in sport and this should also be the case in other aspects of life.

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